Stock Illustration from Shutterstock
Stock Illustration from Shutterstock

The people of America have spoken and done so emphatically. Dearly missing civility and human empathy in their politics, they choose former Vice President Joe Biden as President.

President Donald Trump was rejected for his divisiveness. After all, the average American does not want a President who Tweets locker room insults at 3 AM.

While Trump had sound policies, his rhetoric alienated moderate Republicans. Many were offended when he called war hero former U.S. Sen. John McCain a “loser” and a “dummy”, despite standing up courageously to Viet Cong torture.

Indeed, the treatment of McCain was a factor in flipping…

As a libertarian Trump fan, I find the president’s recent debates and interviews on national television to be very frustrating. Thankfully, President Trump appeared far more composed in the second Trump/Biden debate. This was a step in the right direction. When he allows himself to get drawn into arguments with the moderators, the public does not see him through his achievements.

This is doubly frustrating when you stand Trump’s strong accomplishments next to a list of Joe Biden’s relatively few. Trump has presided over a booming economy that includes historically low unemployment rates for Blacks, Hispanic and Asian Americans. …

Robert Bilsky

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